We position you as a forward-thinking investor and reduce risk through our extensive experience, strong network, and in-depth knowledge of local markets.

Business Owners

Invest in a property that your business can call home. Leverage your company rent payments to pay off the mortgage and build wealth for the future.


Find investment opportunities that match your risk profile and return expectations. Whether you are seeking cashflow or value-add projects, we will identify the opportunities and seek out & mitigate risk through due diligence.


Utilize our extensive network and expertise to discover off-market or overlooked opportunities that match your distinct development criteria and proven track record.

Be in a genuine place

We are guided by the principle that the best investment aligns with greater life goals, bringing harmony to your personal and professional worlds. Whether you’re an investor looking to take advantage of the changing market or an entrepreneur looking for the right home for your business, Seva Commercial Real Estate is committed to finding the right opportunities to elevate your position.

A plan tailored to you

We specialize in creating opportunity.
Exploratory Call
We ask the right questions to develop guiding principles that align with your objectives and direct our efforts.
Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is formed based on our wealth of real experience.

Execution & Implementation

We hit the ground running to find the right property at the right time.

Evaluate, Iterate & Implement

You’re updated every step of the way.

Discovery call

We establish an authentic relationship by getting to know you and your goals to the core.

Planning session

A strategic plan is formed based on our wealth of real experience.

Putting it into action

We hit the ground running to find the right property at the right time.


You’re updated every step of the way.

"In addition to contributing a wealth of experience, they revealed a keen sense of business, maintained excellent communication, and displayed a genuine passion for high-quality customer service. Thanks to Marc’s unwavering commitment, we were able to secure the ideal location for our brewery.”

Matt Tweedy, Brewmaster, Tooth And Nail Brewing Company

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Increased value as you’re quickly connected with eager buyers.
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Success hinges on precise timing and accurate information.
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Leverage a wealth of real experience

There’s no commercial real estate challenge too unruly, too personal or too complex for us to untangle. We’re problem solvers at heart and are here to help without judgement or bias to get you to a great place.